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from clients

Mrs O. asks for an extra session to talk about the fact she does not feel very happy in her current relationship. She wonders why she responds in such a different fashion then her usual behaviour when it comes to her husband and her young daughter. She doesn't recognise herself in those interactions and wants to act like herself. She wonders if I can check what is happening and if it might be related to karmic bonds.

Focus: Old Wounds

Results: After a very spiritual session she recognises the karmic bonds and gets clear choices on how to proceed. It's clear to her now why she responds like she does. A few months later she calls for a second session and to clarify the path she has chosen. She wants to end the relationship in the best way possible.

Mr. S. has a complicated relationship in which he doesn't feel completely at home and at ease. He notices what he dislikes about his partners behaviour but doesn't know how to deal with it in a better fashion. He wonders what his part in the dynamic is and if he invites that type of behaviour by his own.

Focus: Improving Relationship

Results: After the session Mr. S. knows what is going on in the relationship and what he it contributing to it. He can take the decision to stay or go and it's clear why he reacts easily to certain behaviour and what he can do to stop it.

Mrs. T. has just finished her college degree and wants to start a relationship, but notices this is very hard for her. Men that she finds uninteresting suddenly become interesting when they are in a relationship with somebody else. She only then realises they make good partners.

Focus: Dating

Results: It's clear that the family expectations of Mrs. T. are making it difficult for her. Her mother has said that she shouldn't marry before she is 30 and she finds it hard to let that go. She also has high expectations of a potential partner making it extremely difficult to build up a relationship. Mrs. T. says she is not ready to solve these issues and prefers some rest.

Mr. S. has ended a long term relationship a few years ago and hasn't had a long term relationship since. He has met some women that he finds interesting, but seeing them doesn't seem to build up to anything long lasting. He's ready to start a family and wants advice on what he needs in a partner.

Focus: Old Wounds

Results: Mr. S. has a more open view on relationships and while he hasn't found a promising match yet, he is enjoying dating and building relationships with women. He has a clearer view of what he needs. A while later he informed me he’s in a stable, positive relationship.

Mr. K. has a company and wanted to check up on some investments and their potential. He had several projects that were ready to be developed and wanted to check out the drawbacks, prospective profits and any information I was able to give him.

Focus: Project Choices

Results: After clarifying several options and giving information about the projects, Mr. K. already recognised some of my information as valid as he already notices some of the things I had told him. He felt I really clarified some of his 'gut feelings' and misgivings as well as gave him new information to pursue. He chose the investments he wanted to pursue and which he wanted to let go.

Mrs. L had just chosen to end a work project, but considering her age she felt some worries about her career prospects. She wanted to know if she had made the right decision.

Focus: Career Path

Results: I could tell her that she really needed some time for herself, create a better balance and have a period of reflection. A new project would follow after that period and she wouldn't have to worry about finding it. A few months later she wrote to me that she had used her time to take care of herself and her ailing parents and was happily working in new exciting work project.

Mr. M. is considering if a promotion is imminent at this job. He’s been told multiple times that he is being considered for one but he’s wondering if this is true or not. He wants to know if he should stay or go.

Focus: Promotion

Results: Mr. M. is happy with the provided information and feels like he can make an informed choice. While his situation is not ideal, he feel that staying is the better option.

Mrs. S. is wondering how her job prospects are and how to build up to the career she wants. She is wondering which of the available choices are the best for her and what area’s would be worthwhile for her.

Focus: Job opportunities

Results: Mrs. S has a clearer view where to focus her energies and how to move forward to create the life she wants.

Mrs. T. is actually at my practice for another issue entirely when she discusses with me how she is almost finished with her degree. I tell her she is unlikely to find fulfilling work in that and that she should work with teenagers. She tells me incredulously that she has no papers or degree in such a field.

Focus: Career Path

Results: Mrs. T. lets me know a few months later that she has been asked to work in a home for troubled teenagers by a friend. She feels this new career path is amazing and just right for her and is happy to have had my advice.

Mrs. T. wanted to have more information concerning the possibilities of an emigration and the negative and positive consequences of that decision. Her partner was planning to leave the country for a longer period and she wanted to know the consequences for their relationship and herself if she would stay or go with him.

Focus: Emigration Decision

Results: Mrs. T. was happy the advice she received and ultimately decided to follow it and not emigrate immediately. This gave her the chance to prepare emotionally and mentally for the emigration instead of feeling forced to go. She created the time to prepare for her emigration, to enjoy the relationship even though it was temporary a long distance one and she finally emigrated a little over a year later.

Mrs R. wanted to sell her boat, but it had been on sale for several months without a buyer in sight. She had tried to sell her boat in several ways with no luck. Even with advertising she has found no buyer. In our conversation she also stated that she had difficulty letting go of her boat emotionally.

Focus: Boat Sale

Results: Mrs. R. felt ready to sell her boat and the next day a suitable buyer made an acceptable bid. The boat was sold soon after.

Mr. S. was looking for a new car and had trouble making a responsible choice. He had looked a different brands and models and finally had two different second hand cars that he was very interested in. He asked me to tell him which was the better option.

Focus: Car Purchase

Results: I told him that neither of his options would make him a satisfied car owner, because of different reasons. My advice was to wait for a car that I felt would be on the car dealerships website the following weekend. Mr. S. was prepared to wait a few days and found the car I meant on Sunday. After a test drive he has purchased this car and so far is very satisfied.

Mr. M. had several houses he could rent and wondered what would be the best living space for him. He had a clear wishlist and a good list of possible prospects he wanted me to check.

Focus: House Rental

Results: Mr. M. heard from me what wishes would be fulfilled in which prospective homes and choose the one that most matched with all his desires. He lived there with the peacefulness he desired and felt energetic.

Mrs. U. has trouble communicating with one of her children. It seems like the child understands her, but chooses not to listen. Mrs. U is wondering if her child is autistic or if something else is wrong.

Focus: Communication

Results: It only seems like the child understands what he is being told, because his verbal development has developed rapidly but his attention span has not. He's often day dreaming and isn't really listening. By touching her child while talking, listening and true communication starts to develop. Soon the child is considered an excellent listener.

Mrs. V. notices that her child S. is very sensitive and wonders if she can do something to help her child. Especially during times of stress she notices that S. becomes anxious.

Focus: Stress

Results: Child S. has shared a session with her mom and notices a lot of relief. In a subsequent session with only mother V. I gave her some tips to help calm her child.

The parents of child T. are wondering if an extra year of kindergarden (redshirting) would be beneficial for their child. They asked me to do a Reading on this decision

Focus: Schooling

Results: I checked what is going on energetically with child T., the school and the parents. I gave them the long term and short term benefits and drawbacks based on this decision and some tips and advice on how to help their child. The parents were satisfied about the information provided and decided to first work with their child on the problem area's.

Mrs. Z. the mother of a young child wants to treat her child with more patience, but that's hard for her. She loves her child, but reaching her child and feeling bonded isn't always within reach.

Focus: Bonding

Results: I strengthened the bond between mother and child, gave mother Z. some tips and tricks for raising her daughter and helped release wounds from the traumatic labor and birth. Mother Z. said she felt happier and more relaxed with raising her child and feels she understand her daughter better.

Mrs. A. told me that she had a very traumatic birth. While she had done significant emotional release on this trauma, she still didn’t feel completely at ease. She also noticed her child felt traumatised and had significant problems.

Focus: Birth Trauma

Results: Mrs. A. felt significantly better about the birth and noticed her child is more grounded, happier and more relaxed. They even discussed celebrating the birth the traditional way for the first time as that occasion was taken from them before.

Mrs. B. was always happy to help others, but felt a lot of sadness in her own life. She was unaware on why she felt this way, because she wanted to feel grateful and upbeat.

Focus: Emotional Stability

Results: While it took a few months longer, Mrs. B reported to me that she feels upbeat, happy and at ease with herself and her life. She’s happy to focus more on herself.

Mrs. C. had all kinds of unpleasant complaints (fatigue, abdominal pain, headache, etc.) for no apparent reason. She was not feeling well, but did not know what was going on. I saw her energy flow was disrupted.

Focus: Energy Flow

Results: Just a day after the treatment, Mrs. C announced that she was feeling completely fine again. In her family she also noticed that everything went better and that everyone could live wonderfully together again. 6 weeks later she told me she continues to feel fine.

Ms. D. wanted more acceptance for herself and others and less sense of responsibility. She saw many problems in her life around these topics, including with family.

Focus: Acceptance

Results: The family weekend after the treatment went very well. Ms. D. takes better care of herself, is more in touch with her feelings and easily chooses a healthier path. She now feels a very open heart and sees her relationships with others improve.

Mrs. S. came to see me after multiple regular treatments for her overactive bladder were ineffective. She was mostly house bound, because she would feel an urge to urinate several times an hour.

Focus: Overactive Bladder

Results: The first day Mrs. S. noticed significant results and even went out shopping. She now uses the toilet at home at a slightly higher then normal frequency (10 times vs 5-8 times)

Mrs. K. had a bad fall, damaging her shoulder and arm. While she was receiving physical therapy her pain kept her up at night and she didn’t want to take a lot of pain killers.

Focus: Pain relief

Results: Her pain reduced significantly so she could sleep again and finish her physical therapy with minimal medication. She rapidly became pain free.

Mrs. T. had severe problems with restless legs, often laying awake at night due to pain and cramps. She had tried many different things but with very little result. During her session we didn’t work much on the physical level, but mostly on the emotional, past situations and ancestral patterns.

Focus: RLS

Results: Mrs. T. was confused about why this worked so well, but very happy to report significant improvement in her RLS.

Mrs. Q. tells me that she has trouble in her romantic relationship. She has left an abusive relationship but now finds it hard to build her new relationship in a healthy way.

Focus: Romantic Relationship

Results: Mrs. Q. lets me know that she notices more trust, better communication and more joy in her new relationship.

Mrs. S. is having trouble setting healthy boundaries with her family. She often feels like she has to things for her adult children. She is unhappy about this, but doesn’t know how to stop this behavior.

Focus: Healthy Boundaries

Results: Mrs. S. lets me know that she noticed that she feel almost guilt free just living her life and her adult children are taking up more responsibilities. A win-win for everybody.

Ms. T. has difficulty setting healthy boundaries. She often feels like a doormat at work and out of self-preservation has stopped contact with her son for years. He struggled with various mental problems and addictions and that became too much for her.

Focus: Healthy Boundaries

Results: Ms. T. let me know that she knows how to keep her boundaries healthy. Her miracle was the week after the session when she suddenly ran into her son on the street. They hugged and it felt right to lovingly keep in touch.

Mr. A. has already done a lot of healing work to get back to his full potential. He notices that he has to walk and swim many kilometers daily to feel comfortable. That takes a lot of time and that is why he doesn’t have the right job and has no relationship.

Focus: Rebuilding life

Results: After 3 sessions, Dhr. K that he no longer needs to swim. It still runs regularly, but much less hours. He feels better and notices that he manages to connect with women in a pleasant way. Due to the corona crisis, he has not yet been able to find a job, but it is expected that this will come.

Ms. B. is in a serious work conflict, as a result of which she ended up sick at home. She no longer sees a way out and has serious physical complaints. She feels undervalued and exhausted.

Focus: Right work

Results: Ms. B. calls me the next day to let me know that the other party in the work conflict has resigned. She still has a way to go to work healthily again, but this gives a great perspective for her future.

Mr. C. is looking for a new home, because the owners of the current home do not want him to pay off the leasehold. That feels very unfair and he wonders how he can find a home in a fitting way.

Focus: Right homek

Results: Mr. C. notices that there are a lot of possibilities to live in a different way. He is ready to choose something really new that suits him much better than his current home.


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