Terms and conditions


Each of us have their own set of ethics that we wish to live by. I write about my own policies here, but first of all I would like to note that I do not work with rules that are set in stone. Every situation, every opportunity and every person that comes to me will be evaluated on their own merits.

My goal is to help people find and own their own power in a loving, kind and respectful way. I feel that Spiritual work brings with it a lot of responsibilities, which is why it's important to work with great integrity. I reserve the right to deny any potential client sessions if I feel they are inappropriate for them at that time. If I receive information that you do not belong in my practice or that you are better served by having less or more time between sessions I will always say so.

I'm responsible for what I say and how I say it, what you do with what I say is your responsibility. You can ignore it, heal with it or listen to it. We are both responsible for our own actions and words.


During the intake (by phone or e-mail) I check if a session or Reading would give the desired results. I speak to a potential client about their wishes and what they are looking for and discuss the results I expect. If we agree on a theme or question, you can book a session with me.

If you are more interested in gaining information about third parties from whom you do not have approval it's unlikely I'd be willing to do such a Reading for you. There have been cases where such a Reading was warranted or when I did a Healing without prior permission, but it's very rare. I respect other people's privacy and choices.

I do however offer sessions for groups or couples and have found this to be very healing. These sessions aren't only for romantic partners, but also for parents and children or business partners. If you are interested in a group session, please let me know in advance that two (or more) people will be attending so I can make the necessary arrangements. It's also possible to come alone even if you want to work on a mutual theme, because since we do not live in a vacuum, healing work always works for all parties involved.

Maybe you feel the need to share with me what you have done based on our sessions, to tell me how you feel about our sessions or what has changed in your life due to the healing work we did. I appreciate all feedback and stories you wish to share with me. You can contact me in many different ways: by phone, by e-mail, through the blog or Facebook Fan Page with feedback.


Payment for all sessions at the office is due at the end of the session. You can pay with cash, a gift certificate (from Flow of Miracles) or with a Alternatieve Kadobon. I can't accept credit card or debit card payments at the office. It's also possible to pay a session in advance by bank transfer or PayPal, but the payment needs to be cleared 24 hours before the session. If I didn't receive your payment in time, it's possible that I will cancel your session.

All prices on the website are including Dutch services tax (21% BTW).

If you want to receive an invoice, please ask me for one. You will receive the invoice by e-mail, postal service or at your next session.


I do understand that sometimes you are not able to make it to the session due to circumstances. You can cancel by phone or e-mail 24 hours in advance without any costs involved. If you cancel at a later time, you have to do it by phone and it might be that I will ask you for a late fee that can be up to 100% the cost of your missed session.

Personal data and Privacy

The Dutch law AVG and European (GDPR) gives my clients rights to protect their personal data and privacy. I choose to only save personal data that helps me do my job well. I do not sell personal data and won't release any personal data unless the law requires me to do so.

I have a phone (locked with code and able to be deleted from a distance) with phone numbers, names and sometimes addresses of clients. I only save addresses if I'm doing home visits or clients want to receive an invoice by regular mail. I also have a paper planner that shows which clients (full name) I'm seeing when (date and time) and sometimes has some extra notes if clients want me to work on a certain theme next session. At home I have an electronic administration with a short description why somebody is booking sessions, when those have taken place, full name, e-mail address and phone number and possibly short recaps of sessions or notes. Those can be important in cases where I follow up if an appointment with a specialist, a situation or important work meeting has been handled to a clients satisfaction. Follow ups are done by agreement with clients only (for example: we agree that I contact you after 3 weeks by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp message) except for the already agreed upon aftercare (mostly around 2-3 weeks and 6 weeks). This electronic administration is secured with a password, not connected to the internet and backed up regularly.

I only save personal data for a maximum of 10 years, but you have the right to ask me to delete your personal data, with the exception of the data I need to keep according to Dutch Tax law. It's also possible to see what data I've been keeping on you, if you wish to do so. Next to the personal data I've collected, it's possible you have filled in data yourself when you signed up for the newsletter. You can edit your profile online or unsubscribe at each newsletter or ask me to delete your information.

Return Policy

Twice in my career as a Psychic Reader I felt the need to refund money. This happens when I feel I was not able to get the amount of information that satisfied me. If you are not 100% satisfied with your session, please let me know during the session so I can deal with your complaint. Of course, you can always e-mail me afterwards too, but possibilties to reach a solution are then more limited.

It's compulsary by law to have an independent complaints officer and to be a member of an organisation that handles disputes if you have a company in alternative health since January 2017. Naturally Flow of Miracles complies with this law. I am a member of the NIBIG, which means the independent complaints officer is arranged through Quasir and the dispute organisation through Stichting Zorggeschil. Please be advised that you are required to follow the following procedure: talk to me about your complaint, contact the independent complaints officer and as a last resort contact the dispute organisation.